Foyle Child Contact Centre provides a service which allows parents who no longer live with their children to meet them in a safe, friendly and neutral environment.

The most important people in the Child Contact Centre are your children and we offer lots of play-based activities to ensure that they feel as relaxed and happy as possible. It is recommended that children are prepared for the contact in a way that they can understand and in as positive a way as possible. To help with the adjustment process an information leaflet for children has been prepared which you can discuss with your child/ren – click here.

The staff and volunteers who support contact are all fully vetted and trained and maintain an impartial and confidential approach at all times.

Visits to the contact centre are arranged through a referral system and referrals are usually made by a solicitor, social worker or the Court Children’s Officer. A form will be completed by the referrer and this will be forwarded to the Coordinator of Foyle Child Contact Centre to arrange for contact meetings to take place.

The Coordinator will invite parents and children to visit the centre prior to first contact to help make the first contact visit easier. There is no reason for parents to meet if they do not wish to.

The Contact Centre Coordinator cannot make changes to the contact arrangements – any changes must be arranged through your solicitors or the person making the referral. If, for any reason, you cannot attend when arranged it is essential that your ex-partner and the Coordinator are informed as soon as possible.

The Contact Centre does not make written or verbal reports about contact visits, other than dates and times of attendance. However, if staff or volunteers believe that a child might be at risk, or if staff/volunteers are at risk of harm, then a report will be prepared in line with the policies and procedures of the Contact Centre.

The Contact Centre does have a written Agreement for use of the centre which we ask both parents to read and sign before attending for contact (please insert Agreement form here). The Coordinator will discuss this with both parents at the pre-contact visit.

For further information please contact the Coordinator by email or telephone.